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About Us

Mysterious Behavior and Energizing Your Brain websites are dedicated to help you understand yourselves and others.We have merge these websites as one Reasonable Changes to give you positive stimulation, encouragement, and joy in your life. We are owners of the Chapman Cares Inc., a family-owned business, established more than 25 years ago. The services we provide are geared to help people with everyday life situations that deal with their health and safety.

We feel that people need to make some Reasonable Changes.

We have a staff of professionals whose purpose is to serve you because they care.

 About the Owner

Andrea L. Chapman, president of Chapman Cares, Inc. and developer of Reasonable Changes website, has a master's degree in counseling psychology, and is a former professor at Strayer University. She gives seminars on stress and anger management, which she feels are leading causes of individual problems, family breakdowns, and health issues.

Volunteer service is important to her. She has been a volunteer in the prison system, homeless shelters, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, women's retreats, and a nurturing program that she personally developed for her community and church.

She is an author, and has completed her third book entitled Our Mysterious Behavior Box. This book deals with various behaviors, and discusses, in a very simple format, why people do the things that they do. She has also completed a CD on stress management. She has developed an online self-paced workshop on stress management, controlling anger, and effective communication.

She has been married for 52 years to Teddy. They have two children, Melinda and Lonnie, and two grandchildren. Her passion is to help people understand why they do the things they do, and to empower them to move on to a better life. The new site she has developed, she feels, will do just that for many people who are looking for a healthier view on life.

Reasonable Changes

Chapman Cares, Inc.

P O Box 442158

Ft. Washington, MD 20749

Phone: 301-449-1181



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