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Chat Room Instructions

Chatroom Instructions

To use the chatroom, you have to do very specific things:

  1.  There are two (2) ways to log into the system.
  1.  “Sign Up” for the chatroom by creating a “User Name”,  “Password” and “Email address” which you will then use each time you Login to the chatroom.
  2. Log-in as a “Guest” with just a “User Name” and “Email address” which will allow you entry only “this time”.  You would not be able to continue to use this log-in.  The guest log-in is not kept on file.


  1.  Each time you “LOG-IN”, NOT “SIGN-IN” with your “email and password” you are automatically “Online” in the system.  You will remain “ONLINE” in the system until you log-out of our “website”,  Your status in the system can always be determined by clicking on the “Community” tab.  This list shows everyone who is “Signed Up” or currently “Online” in our system.  If you are online, you will see a green dot next to your “User Name”.  As long as that green dot is next to your name, you are “ONLINE”.

  1.  To enter a Chatroom, click on the tab marked “Rooms”.  This will show a list of all available chatrooms.  To enter a room, simply click on the room and the room will open up for you to enter your comments at the bottom of the room which will be posted when you hit “enter”.  You are only allowed 255 characters per comment session.  If you want to comment more, just start a new comment session.    PLEASE NOTE…..You must “EXIT” a chatroom when you are finished.  YOU MUST CLICK ON THE “X” in the upper right had corner to exit the chatroom.  If you do not do this, you will stay in that chatroom.  You can have more than one chatroom open at a time.  Just be sure to check out of each chatroom.

  1. If you have problems or questions call us at 301-449-1181.

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